Senior Showcase Poster Series

This project was to help advertise for the end of the year Senior Show that takes place at the George Mason School of Art. My concept behind this piece was to portray each 'hand' that goes into the school as a whole. It was very important to me to represent each concentration as it related to the visual arts. I was really inspired by vintage war posters, like Rosie the Riveter, among many others. I photoshopped each hand to give it a soft, and sculpted quality. My goal was to have the viewer get a 'we got this' feeling from the students. I also hand some fun layering and masking the typography to add depth and character to the piece. 

Not only was this project fun to create, but it really allowed me to get to know some of the other students outside of just Graphic Design majors. Each hand tells a story, it shows emotion, and it represents the hard work and dedication that went into making the show a great success!

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